24 April 2017


Misora Kindergarten' wins 'A' Design Award'


We are very proud to announce that `Misora Kindergarten' wins 'A' Design Award' .

A’ Design Awards were established to create awareness for good design practices and principles.

The ultimate aim of the Award is to build strong incentives for designers, companies and brands from all countries to come up with better products, services and systems that benefit mankind.

A’ Design Award & Competition therefore highlights and pushes forward worldwide designers and brands to create products and projects that offer additional value, increased utility, new functionality, superior aesthetics, exceptional efficiency, improved sustainability and remarkable performance.






This year,35,559 Project submissions,7,754 Approved works,1,974 Award Winners.

The page of Misora Kindergarten is now being open to public.

For details,click here.





It is a great honor to receive the award because very few projects of renovations won the award.

Although the main purpose of this project is seismic strengthened and under strict regulations, we are very glad to know that this project has been awarded.

The gala ceremony and the exhibition will be held this June in Como,Italy.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the all the persons concerned,especially to those who relates to Misora Kindergarten.


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