Triple House

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| DATA |

Type: Private House

Location: Saitama,Japan

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Architects: Mana Muraki

Size: 280m2

Status: Idea



This is a Three Low House for rent.


To question the meanings and rationalities of sharing columns,beams,and columns is the theme.

The intention is to design houses where light and wind would be smoothly brought in like detached houses.


Three different houses are designed in order to accomodate various lifestyles.

Terraces of 2.7 meters square are inserted into each of the houses.


Light and wind come from each of the terraces.

In this terrace which has high privacy,you can enjoy ,for example, drinking tea.

By putting these terraces in the walls,these houses would be with high sound insulation and high earthquake-resistant.


In these three deifferent low houses,residents would live happily together.


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