Water Terrace

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| DATA |

Type: Group of Houses

Location: Gifu

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Architects: Mana Muraki

Size: 1,600m2

Status: In Progress



This is a group of houses in a newly planned town in Gifu.

The intention is to create typical houses in a town surrounded by mountains and rivers which inspires establishing communities.


There are terraces of cypress which are produced in Gifu in every house.

These terraces like boxes of the light and are the center of their everyday life.


Through the terraces,light,wind,and rain will pour into all the spaces.

From the terraces which are hangover to the road or next houses,you will feel the atomosphere of the town.

You will do anything you like in these terraces,for example reading,drinking,taking a nap.

Terraces are architectural devices which invokes soft communications between the residents.


Every terrace has their own small rivers which resembles the rivers in Gifu.

By connecting the rivers of each houses,residents interact positively and their mind will be connected.

The scenery of these rivers will be a wonderful one and they love their town and houses.


Domas between the open exterior and the private spaces of the interior will induce the communications outside.

Outside walls made by the ceder produced near the town will create a feeling of unity.

Variations in the derections of the roofs of the same slope reminds us the mountains in Gifu.


Waters in the river will be a natural watering which cool the air in the summer.

Comfortable terraces and the scenery of these small rivers softly fold the residents.


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