Void of The Light

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| DATA |

Type: Residential Building

Location: Tokyo

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Architects: Mana Muraki

Size: 900m2

Status: In Progress



This apartment is in a crowded city.

The clients want to have housing units mainly for two people like DINKS.

YDS Architects consider solutions to create spaces with light and wind in the site is quite built up.


To question the meaning of living together,a group of comfortable housings are sought after.

An open-air void is created at the center of this apartment,and stairs are placed among the void.


Thanks to this void,the light and wind would be brought into the public spaces and all the housing units.

This space are agora for residents and it functions as enjoyable spaces with the stairs which are three dimensional public path.



This is a new type of anapartment in a site which is quite built up.


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