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| DATA |

Type: Residential Building

Location: Tokyo

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Architects: Mana Muraki

Size: 720m2

Status: In Progress



This is a low rise apartment in Tokyo.

The realization of housings with light and wind in the housing area is pursued.


Splitting the total volume into two parts,one part face the road,and the other part have large southern open space.

Rotating the 1st floor of the volume by 90 degrees,differnt spaces are connected.


In the volume which have southern open space,you reach your own unit from the south.

The open southern public space will be the square with light for residents.


Deviding a part of the southern garden,residents in the 1st floor would have their own spaces.

YDS Architects placed both public spaces and private spaces in the sothern part of the site in this project.


The aim is to create a feeling of 'living together' for residents in a low rise apartment.


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