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| DATA |

Type: Residential Building

Location: Tokyo

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Architects: Mana Muraki

Size: 1,100m2

Status: In Progress



This is a renovation project of an apartment in the central Tokyo.


The client want to make the apartment share housing complex where foreign visitors could stay for a short time.

The main theme is how to design public rooms,living room and kichten,and private rooms.


Making best use of the site, DOMA spaces(room paved by stones) were expanded.

In these DOMA spaces you would work as SOHO.

Private rooms are designed simple so that these have only toilets as facilities.



DOMA spaces are articulated as semi-public,and rooms with floorings are articulated as private spaces.

In DOMA spaces,you would work or enjoy with other residents making use of the characteristics of share housing.

Interrelationships and stimulations within residents will results in the new form of the life and work in Tokyo.


The public spaces with TATAMI are placed in respond to the foreign visitor's demands.

In the public spaces at the top of this housing,one would be relaxed in the terrace over the roof.

This project would be a new design for renovation of SOHO and share housings.


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