Light,Wind 7




In designing 'Y-House',the spatial structure of rooms is a main theme.

To let light and wind go into the inside spaces,YDS Architects inserts outer terrace into the volume.


In 'House I' the outer terrace was in the 2nd floor, and the height of this space is 1-story.

The intention is to insert larger void into the volume when designing 'Y-House'.

Inserting outer terrace with 2-story height into the space next to the living room is the design solution.


Light and wind go into the spaces by inserting the tall outer terrace into the house.

Placing the main route such as stair,hall,and corridors at the center of the house results in the compact volume.

By this architectural method,light slightly go to the spaces of the hall and the stair so that these spaces become symbolic spaces of light.


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