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Spaces of path will be very effective concept when connecting some architectures.

The client of 'Fujimi Kindergarten' wants to place the nursery rooms around the garden.

Considering the form of the site,splitting the kindergarten into two buildings is the solution.


YDS Architects intends to express unity of the architecture and flow of spaces by making Engawa spaces of path.

Placing spaces of Engawa(Japanese traditional half-outdoor space) between nursery rooms and the garden,the spaces would be 'Corridors of Light'.


Placing glasses at the center of the roof over the Engawa,a line of the light would come into being..

This line of light would give spatial axis to the spaces of Engawa.

This axis would guide children,teachers,and visitors to walk around this kindergarten.


These spaces of paths which connect nursery rooms and the garden unify all the spaces.

The spaces of paths softly link and articulate spaces.

Due to the paths,the natural environment would be amplified so that it would give feelings of vitality to the architecture.

Children would grow up healthy and happily in this vibrant space.


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