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There are severe restrictions on building coverage ratio in the site of 'Void in a Forest'.

The reason of this restriction is that the site is appointed as a scenic districts, because the site is next to large park in Tokyo.


To design an agora in this apartment, making the best use of the restriction is the solution.

By prioritizing the restrictions and the conditions of units, a void like an agora named 'Court in city' is created.


Although the court is placed in the northern part of this apartment,it is full of light by putting it next to the big park.

The walls of the court are painted white so that the space of the court would be more minimal.

The space of the court would be brighter by the bounce of light in this white wall.

In this agora without roof, you will feel nature either when its sunny or rainy.


When you look up,one would see 'one's own sky' framed by the walls.

To make the court relate to the nature of the park,bamboos are planted at the center of it.

One would feel the warmness by natural slate stones paved in the court.


One always see this agora when you go into your unit,because it is next to the elevator,stairs,and corridors.

YDS Architects always keep in mind that courts will be more familiar with the residents and not be a mere margin space.


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