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YDS Architects always check the environments and histories of the site in detail.

Architectures which are harmonious with the environments and have symbiosis with histories is their intention.


An architecture with clear concept may be different from other architectures or buildings nearby.

Although architectures with clear vision might drive wedges in the existing context,they should be in harmony with surroundings.


This notion is applied to houses,apartments,schools and what not.

YDS Architects seeks to design apartments which would positively bear upon surroundings and contribute the scenery nearby.


In 'Void in a Forest',making the best use of bountiful nature nearby is main concept.

To make the architecture blend in the surrounding environment, louvers are selected as materials to enclose the court.

Louvers around the court softly articulate it from plentiful trees outside.

Softness which is different from stiffness of concretes or steels is expected by these louvers.


When one see the court from outside,shapes of the courts and bamboos would change depends on your position.

This is an attempt to make new sceneries softly connect with urbanity by designing spaces of nature inside the architecture.


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