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| DATA |

Type: Private House

Location: Kumamoto,Japan

Collaborators: Myu engineering,Iwanaga Gumi co.,ltd

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Architects: Mana Muraki

Size: 170m2

Status: Completed

Award: 2016 Nominees SIA-GETZ Architecture Prize Singapore,Design Top10 Architectre Award UK

           2016 Bronze A'Design Award Italy,The American Architecture Prize Honorable Mention US

           2016 German Design Award Special Mention Germany,2017 The 10th London international creative competition shortlist UK

           2017 Construction Awards UK,2017 Nominees DESIGNER OF THE YEAR Italy,2017 WA AWARD 25th Cycle US



The design theme of this house is time transition of'light and shadow'.


The client want to have a large living room, rooms for children faces south,and a large bookshelf.

The image is shining white box where residents would live feeling the transition of light and shadow.

YDS Architects intended to design spaces where they would feel the nature such as light,wind, and rain.


Inserting an outer terrace to bring nature to the inner space,light from the terrace would go through via void.

Top light and light from the terrace crushed by the walls would pour into the interior spaces.

These light express transitional beauty.


Terrace in the 2nd floor functions as a central plaza of life, corridors around the terrace are vigorous spaces with light and shadow.

Stair would become a tower of light taking light from the terrace.


The distinctive form consist of white volume, floating white plate of the garage, and framed sky would serve as a comfortable part of the scenary.

Inner spaces would mix with nature of the terrace and of the garden.


Nature and the architecture stimulating each other, spaces of rooms expand to infinity.


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