Misora Kindergarten

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| DATA |

Type: Kindergarten

Location: Chiba,Japan

Collaborators: Toshi Kozo engineering,Miura Komuten

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino,Mana Muraki

Architects: Kahoru Kubo,Hikaru Yamada

Size: 950m2

Status: Completed

Award: 2016 Nominees SIA-GETZ Architecture Prize Singapore,2016 Design Top10 Architecture Award UK

           2016 Iron A'Design Award Italy,2017 Construction Awards UK

           2017 Nominees German Design Award Germany,2017 Nominees DESIGNER OF THE YEAR Italy



This is a seismic strengthening and renovation project of a kindergarten.

The theme is not only to make this kindergarten seismic strengthened but also to reproduce it as a New Misora kindergarten.


Extending this building,I placed a new wall which has made this kindergarten strongly strengthened.

YDS Architects renovated all the lavatories and made them pretty atomosphere.

The colors of the lavatories corresponds to the grade of children,so children feel their growth.


Sticking soft cushions in the floors of corridors results in tender spaces for children.

Painting the floor of the outdoor corridor in green refer to grass land and the ceiling in blue refer to the sky,so that children will run happily in the corridor.


After the renovation,some children say 'Our kindergarten became castle!'.

Other children say 'What color it would be next time?',because the finishes and colors are nenewed during summner holiday.


This is an attempt to make new values and spaces for kindergarten by partial renovations under strict restrictions.

YDS Architects hope children would grow up healthily and happily in this New Misora Kindergarten.


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