Double Box

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| DATA |

Type: Residential Building

Location: Tokyo

Collaborators: Toshi Kozo engineering

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Architects: Mana Muraki

Size: 650m2

Status: Completed



This apartment is located in the site next to the 'Forest of Grid'.

YDS Architects intended to make these two housing a comfortable scenary.


Considering the size of the site and the units,I designed this housing be box frame type reinforced concrete construction.

By this structure,I was able to make simple units.

YDS Architects conceived an architectural symbiosis by the two volumes and a difference between these two buildings.


YDS Architects considered an overhung design which is a typical image of 'Forests of Grid'.

The overhung volume makes common design between the two housings.


Putting trees under the overhung volume to fold it by the architecture to express symbiosis is the design solution.

In the overhung volume,these is no beam,so tall high sashes are put in the outer walls.


The whole volume is made up by the two boxes shifted each other and piled up.

These two housing would make a new scenary in this site,and these shapes would activate the city.


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