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| DATA |

Type: Private House

Location: Tokyo

Collaborators: TANK

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Architects: Mana Muraki

Size: 100m2

Status: Completed

Award: 2016 Runner-up A'Design Award Italy



This is a renovation and extension project of a house.

The owner wants to have two rooms for their children by covering the void within.

They have so many books,so they want to make bookshelves to accomodate these books.

The design theme is to make a contrast by making a new space within the wood structure.


YDS Architects designed bookshelves by which child's rooms are divided.

The new children's room are divided softly by bookshelves and woods.

The old wooden structure being left as it is,the collision between the old and new stimulates the spaces.


After you enter through the hole in the white bookshelf,there is a bookshelf with the wood structure.

There are no doors in the entrances of child's rooms,so the composition of bookshelves and the structure express clearly.

Children will live their life as if being surrounded by many books.


New scene came into being in this house by unifying the bookshelf and the wood structure.


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