Cloudy Walls(Marushima Japanese Noodle)

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| DATA |

Type: Restaurant

Location: Tokyo

Collaborators: Marushima Sougyo

Principal Architects: Yoshitaka Uchino

Size: 380m2

Status: Completed



This is a Japanese Noodle Restaurant.

The design theme is to make a Modern Japanese space.


YDS Architects designed wooden lovers to softly divide inside spaces.

Wooden lovers softly wrap up those spaces reflecting Japanese traditional style.


To create nature inside the restaurant, a small Japanese garden 'Tsubo-Niwa' is placed in front of this restaurant and a garden in the underground of this restaurant.

For single guests,special desks two desks of which could move forward and backward is designed.

Guests would customize this desk to feel relieved.


Thanks to these wooden lovers, guests feel expances of spaces and calmness.


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